Why should you neuter your pet?

There are many reasons why we recommend animals being neutered.


  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy or expensive misalliance injections if bitches are caught.
  • Improved lifestyle – not restricted by seasons throughout the year.
  • Reduces the risks of mammary/ovarian tumours.
  • Prevention of pyometra(infection in the uterus).
  • Prevention of false pregnancy.


  • Prevention of unwanted litters
  • Can aid in some behavioural problems including roaming, fighting, spraying.
  • May help to prevent testicular diseases and prostate disease.
  • Reduces likelihood of cats contracting infectious diseases from other cats

Our practice policy is to recommend neutering at 6 months of age. However, if you are unsure it is best to book a free spay/castration check and chat to one of the vets about what is best for your pet. All our neuters return home the same day and all will be offered intradermal stitches to reduce the likelihood of your pet chewing out their stitches. All injections on the day and post op checks are included in the price. Bitch spays are also sent home with two days' painkillers included in the price to ensure they are not in any discomfort in the days post-surgery.